Along with songwriting I specialize in academic, employment or life coaching. Many techniques I've learned from coaching are represented in my songwriting lessons, and they can be applied to a myriad of life intentions. 

Working with a dedicated coach can help you:

  • Get clarity around what you truly want in creative AND practical terms. 
  • Use this clarity to map meaningful goals with bite-sized steps that feel accessible. 
  • Take a look at anything in the way of your sweet, sweet goals. 

My job as a coach is to:

  • Ask deep questions to support your agenda and reflect what I hear. 
  • Listen to your base reason for working towards your goals, and keep coming back to that fire.
  • Support any actions you take towards your goals and be your accountability partner.

Client Praise

"Becky is a master at digging for what's really important, while still being extremely empathetic and kind. There's always an "aha" moment in our sessions. I absolutely love working with her. " - Emily Logan, Musician + Marketing Director,

"Becky is incredibly patient, empathetic, and genuine. She asked me the right questions to help me: define my life and career goals, get "unstuck" in projects that were dragging me down, and balance other key areas in my life. Working with her was a huge step in moving forward with confidence and conviction!"  -Amy F., Cultural Researcher & Consultant