There's no better time than the present to recommit to your projects and ideas in a dedicated way.

That's why I'm offering POWER HOUR for June!

Sign up for an hour session with me at $40 bucks and come away with at least 3-5 ways you can improve your intentions and accountability.

Offered ONLY in June! 

Are you looking to make a shift in your life and you need a plan? Are you having a hard time getting projects off the ground and need a helping brain? Then LIFE COACHING is for you.

Working with a dedicated coach can help you:

  • Get clarity around what you truly want in creative AND practical terms. 
  • Use this clarity to map meaningful goals with bite-sized steps that feel accessible. 
  • Take a look at anything in the way of your sweet, sweet goals. 

My job as a coach is to:

  • Ask deep questions to support your agenda and reflect what I hear. 
  • Listen to your base reason for working towards your goals, and keep coming back to that fire.
  • Support any actions you take towards your goals and be your accountability partner.

I offer sliding scale pricing for young adults or students transitioning from college to work. If this description fits you, let me know! If you are under 18, let's make sure to get your parent/guardian OK on it. Cool!  

Ready to learn more? Send me a message below!