With over 12 years of songwriting experience I teach lessons on the instrument of your choice. I specialize in the process of composing melodies, creating a song structure and recording a demo. I can teach basic guitar, voice, and piano skills, and we can learn songs that you love while also discovering songs that are your own. Through the years I've honed engaging games and techniques for all levels to develop your own unique practice. 

Lessons can be done at your house or at my practice space (Audiocinema), booking at least a week in advance. Give me a shout and let's talk! I'm at ramillerb@gmail.com   

Client Praise

"I have never had any friend or mentor that holds me accountable to my goals better than Becky. Not only does she offer tools and steps in non-overwhelming ways, she will check in on you and cheer you on every step of the way. Becky's been my music coach through every step of the journey and always has new ideas and ways to motivate and inspire me. Plus she's wickedly funny."
- Jenny Bunce, Singer, Actress + Marketing & Development Associate, Northwest Children's Theater