Soooo Much

I launched Develop Your Goal Map because maps are useful tools for navigation. They can be simple or highly detailed, and specific to a region (aka - you!). Mapping your thoughts and ideas while working with a coach can have real impact on what's possible and how you will bring yourself and others along. 

Coaching can look or feel like a luxury, yet when I started my practice with students at PCC/PSU, I soon realized this is something that can be adapted for EVERYONE. I've seen people decide to stay in school, successfully change jobs, and renew their sense of direction and mindset on a project. In short, I've seen it WORK. 

And I know, I know.....Coaching also sounds a little woo woo. My own experience and those who I’ve coached tell me differently. I see it more as personal development tool that can get you to a place of owning your accomplishments and challenges with more support. Creating accountability can be community building and energy shifting. 

When I work with clients who pay full price, this allows me to offer scholarships and sliding-scale prices to young adults and students transitioning to work. We all deserve a little boost when starting out in an often hazy idea of what it means to be an adult! 

Let's co-create a world where we like our jobs, we value meaningful work together and make a place at the table for everyone.  

Thanks for sharing in this possibility! 


*Stay tuned for my Goal Map graphic to start your navigation in April !