I teach guitar basics and how to create your own songs. The process is fun and intended to inspire musicality in you, developed around your current skill set and interests. 

  • Single-note playing and singing (or humming) to your favorite songs.
  • Easy two to three chord pop songs that we create for muscle memory and practice.
  • GarageBand exploration and how to record a song.
  • A tiny bit of music reading and rhythm that will support the practice.

All games and techniques are proven to help wrap your brain around stuff you like. Practice is the key to learning guitar - and it will ultimately follow if you enjoy what you are playing. Each lesson is tailored to your interests and investigations in music. 

I teach all ages and I can come to your house, or I have a practice space at Audiocinema that we can book a week in advance. Prices are determined on an individual basis. Give me a shout and let's talk!  

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